The loan for temporary help is sought primarily by low-income earners. Your income is usually not sufficient to lend. Under what conditions a loan with a 400 USD job is possible and when not, more on this in the article.

Loan for temporary jobs – part-time jobs to increase credit opportunities.

Loan for temporary jobs - part-time jobs to increase credit opportunities.

The search for the loan for temporary help only promises to be successful in a very narrow framework. The temporary job as a side job offers a chance. People who cannot skip the seizure allowance with their income in their main job have significantly improved credit opportunities thanks to the additional temporary job. In the case of long-term, temporary employment, which guarantees a regular additional income, the income is added.

For example, if a net income of USD 850 is achieved in the main occupation, a normal loan would hardly be able to be approved. The garnishment exemption limit for single people without children – 980 USD – is significantly below the income. Only the 400 USD from the temporary job lift the income across the border. With a net income of now 1250 USD, the loan is practically anywhere.

The same applies to student loans. The BAföG pays for living and studying. The income from the temporary job ensures at least a generous overdraft facility in the checking account.

The temporary job as the main source of income

The temporary job as the main source of income

With a loan for temporary jobs, with the temporary job as the main source of income, the credit opportunities are very modest. Only with a solvent guarantor who enters into credit liability can there be a fair or even good prospect of approval. In this case, the guarantor is practically solely liable for credit security with his income. The low level of income from secondary earnings is not attachable and does not offer credit security. Without a guarantor, property security, such as a motor vehicle, could provide credit security.

Personal loans offer particularly fair opportunities for lending with a vehicle as collateral. The large platforms for personal loans even advertise the vehicle for credit protection. According to the operators, security guarantees significantly increases the credit opportunities, even under difficult circumstances. Around 80 percent of all credit requests for which the motor vehicle becomes a liability fund are actually financed by private donors.

In a very modest framework, income can provide another credit option. Mail order loans are not necessarily re-examined every time by regular credit customers. Anyone who has served his commodity loans well and on time will probably be supplied without a new credit check.

Bridging loan for temporary workers

Bridging loan for temporary workers

With the income from the 400 USD job, without guarantor or property security, the credit chance is very small. All common sources of funding are eliminated. Realistically, there is only the chance of a small bridging loan. A possible source of funding for acute emergency aid is the employer. An advance is possible even with a temporary job. It is often sufficient to express the request to the foreman or the payroll office.

If there are problems with the advance, there is only one loan left for temporary help. It is the loan from the local pawnshop. Income does not matter for the loan from the pawnbroker. He mortgages the pledge. If it is not triggered, it can be found at the next auction.

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