How are debt and over-indebtedness assessed?

In recent years, the share of households in over-indebtedness has been increasing steadily. For example, in 2009, this percentage increased by 14.8%, with 210,000 over-indebtedness files filed. How to anticipate? How to define the border between healthy and profitable debt, excessive debt, prelude to over-indebtedness?   How do we define over-indebtedness? When a household, a […]

The best way to get a credit consolidation loan

Need credit consolidation? Credit consolidation is a financial service offered by website. It is actually a combination of several smaller loans into one large loan in order to reduce the monthly loan repayments. So you will pay less than if you paid the loans separately. It is also very important for this loan that thanks […]

Comparison of credit without creditworthiness.

A loan comparison is always worthwhile. Seeing a loan with no creditworthiness compared to other loans without Credit Bureau could reduce costs and interest. The article explains why no credit comparison calculator offers loans without a credit check at Credit Bureau. Credit without credit rating – comparison Only by using a credit comparison can transparent […]

Consolidated Loans For Bad Credit – Use Credit Card Alternatives For Debt Consolidation

Consolidating debts with consolidation loans for bad credit has been shown to work well as long as the individual in question has a stable job, is not facing financial issues and has an active credit history. If you are still in debt, consider getting some kind of short term financing. One option for consolidating debts […]